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Anal Douche Shower Head

Anal Douche Shower Head

Shower Shot: Complete Douche Set The Mr. S Shower Shot is one of the best and easiest ways to clean out your before playing. Attaches easily to the pipe behind your shower head and hangs down for easy access. It has a 6 foot hose that then attaches to a nozzle.

I purchased this as an anal douche. It is very effective as long as you are careful when you are using it. TIPS: + Have it on a long enough hose to be able to go almost to the floor. Alot of the hoses that come with shower head kits are only 4 ft long, this is probably not the best.

USUNO Handheld Bathroom Shower Head Enema Rectal Anal Vaginal Cleaner Douche Kit

Anal Syringe Douche Enema Colon Cleaning System Portable Vaginal Washing Cleaner · Anal Syringe Douche Enema… $4.99. Free shipping. Anal Cleaner Enema Stainless Steel Shower Head Vaginal Rectal Washing Douche. Anal Cleaner Enema

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