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Apres Shower Body Dryer

Apres Shower Body Dryer

airBody Dryer uses innovative technology to effortlessly dry you before you leave the shower. The drying action is effective due to the air jets positioned vertically at different heights; maximizing thermal efficiency and ensuring the whole body is evenly dried.

Apres body dryer, also known as the tornado body dryer and shower body dryer ideal for bathrooms and wetrooms-Price £385.00 First Class Wetrooms offer massive discounts, largest stock, fast & cheap delivery.

The Apres Body Dryer is an all-over body dryer for the bathroom, shower room or wetroom. Its gentle air jets dry the whole body with perfectly balanced heat, eliminating the use of towels. Ideal for infection control and drying spray on tans.

Drying your body after a shower becomes a pleasurable experience with the APRES™ Body Dryer, which completely dries the body within a few minutes, with a gentle stream of warm air.

We’re ripping one of the family bathrooms apart to convert to a wet room and are considering having an Apres Shower Body Dryer fitted. I can find loads of info about them on the net but as yet no useful reviews. The two reviews I’ve found up to now say “excellent idea” and “great idea”