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Bathroom Ceiling Fan Condensation

Bathroom Ceiling Fan Condensation

The cause of condensation. Moist indoor air condenses inside a cold, uninsulated duct and water runs down into the fan. Photo: Courtesy of The Family Handyman. Water stains on the ceiling around your bath fan may indicate a leak coming from the vent cap on your roof, but condensation is the more likely culprit.

You may find dripping water during or shortly after a shower; many people notice the issue, for example, when the exhaust fan in their bathroom starts dripping on their heads as they’re stepping out after a shower. The usual reason is condensation inside the duct. In the winter, the warm moist air from the bathroom hits cool

While the knee-jerk reaction that most homeowners have is to call a roofer when a stain shows up at the bath fan, this type of staining is rarely the result of a roof leak. This is typically the result of condensation. The job of a bathroom exhaust fan is to remove moist air and foul odors from the bathroom.

Sometimes, particularly when a bathroom exhaust vent extends through an unheated section of your home, the possibility of condensation buildup can occur. When this is the case, warm, moist air from the bathroom can condense on the inside of the cold duct and can run back down into the bathroom.

Hi, It can be can just be condensation… Is there a vent stack pipe cap on the pie that sticks out threw the roof? Is the vent exhaust pipe insulated? Years ago in Colorado i simply installed a longer exhaust pipe and looped it in the attic= no more drip as it was simple condensation

I have a small bathroom (8.5 ft Long, 5.5 ft Wide and 12.5 ft Tall) and I’m having a problem in the winter with water dripping down from the bathroom exhaust fan mostly in the winter when it’s cold. The room is about 600 cubic ft and duct is less than 10 feet long so I got a 110 cfm fan. I first I thought the duct

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