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Bathroom Ceiling Fan Drips Water

Bathroom Ceiling Fan Drips Water

Noticed lately that water drips from the bathroom exhaust fan or the joint around it? Don’t panic: there could be a lot of reasons for it, along with several easy fixes. For some of them, you might need a handyman or duct work specialist, but others are simple enough to DIY with a little ingenuity.

We have a bathroom exhaust fan that condensates or drips water. The hose for the fan goes to the roof through our attic. Any ideas on what would cause this to happen?:confused

Water stains on the ceiling around your bath fan may indicate a leak coming from the vent cap on your roof, but condensation is the more likely culprit. If bath fan ducting isn’t properly insulated, the moist air from your house will condense inside the duct. The first step is to head to the attic.

I have an Air King 100cfm exhaust fan next to the shower. It was originally installed using 4″ flexible insulated duct through the attic and out the roof and every time I got out of the shower the fan dripped water down on my head. I was frustrated and replaced it with 4″ rigid insulated smooth wall ducting.

There are four identical vent caps on the same section of roof, exposed to the same rain. One farther to the right is for a fan that gets far more shower use. Only the one in the picture gets icicles and water running from the cap, and drips from the bathroom exhaust fan.

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