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Bathroom Ceiling Fan Vibrates

Bathroom Ceiling Fan Vibrates

How to quickly and easily fix a noisy bathroom exhaust fan. Decibel test to confirm results!!!

Many noisy bathroom exhaust fans DO NOT NEED TO BE REPLACED… Most of the time the vent housing is simply full of dirt and dust. The dirt and dust accumulate over time and can cause the vent to make loud or vibrating noises.

Forum discussion: Help. I recently replaced the fan motor and wheel for a Broan model 162 bathroom exhaust fan. The installation went fine, I went down to my local groovers and picked up the replacement parts. Now the fan no longer makes an unhappy noise, but it see.

Replacing a noisy bath fan. Newer-style bath fans, on the other hand, are so quiet you can hardly hear them running, and they cost very little to operate. It’s easier than you think to swap out that noisy, inefficient bath fan, especially if you choose one that’s designed to be installed without ripping out the bathroom ceiling.

The first thing to check is if the fan unit is properly and firmly mounted in the ceiling and that the actual motor/fan portion is tightly secured in the housing. If the vibration is being caused because the fan is unbalanced or the bearings are worn, there is probably not much you can do for it.

I just replaced my bathroom exhaust fan in my bathroom with a larger unit as the old one was weak. … alot of the broan fans and sometimes the damper flap comes off one side of the damper housing..the plastic pins are very small…and may not be opening, causing a backup of air and the noise/vibration.

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