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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Blowing Air Down

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Blowing Air Down

I replaced the motor in my washroom exhaust fan. I realized now that the fan is blowing air into the washroom instead of exhausting it out like it.

From what you describe it seems unlikely that the vent fan is actually installed to blow backwards. So it would be … The blockage redirected air back down into the bathroom giving the impression that the fan was either installed incorrectly or was otherwise spinning in the wrong direction. Very noisy too.

Whaas, Most (if not all) exhaust fans have a flapper built into them as a stop for air/pest infiltration. If you open up the unit, the ceiling cover will come off either with screws or spring clips (pull down on it). The bracket that holds the works is usually held in place with one or two screws.

Hi All, the bathroom fan Nutone 8663RP is blowing air into the bathroom of our new home, instead of sucking the humidity out through the vent. Anyone know how to … You either have a clogged vent, the flapper not opening properly, or the squirrel cage installed upside down.

No, it’s definitely not right to say that there is a rule that vents suck in houses and blow in apartments. Can you tell if the vent is connected to a fan? Or a duct? If there’s a fan and it’s not connected to a duct then it’s just recirculating the air that’s already in the bathroom, and therefore not really doing much.

This is from a bathroom in my home which is a connected home unit sort of thing. … A replacement fan is already installed but it blows air down instead of sucking air in as the old one did. … If you plug the vent it’s going build pressure and blow back into the home.

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