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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Flapper Noise

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Flapper Noise

I have a two-year-old home which has vent fans in the two bathroom ceilings. We live in a windy area, and the flabber doors on the fans are often banging open and shut. The noise is annoying, but I’m also concerned about the heat loss in the winter.

Noisy Bathroom Vent. I have a problem with my bathroom vent. It vents directly through the exterior wall of my house and has a small plastic “flapper” to keep air from going in when the fan is off. The problem is I live right near the shore of Lake Erie and the wind coming in off the lake is rediculously strong

Gerry has a bathroom exhaust fan damper that keeps him awake at night. Well, Gerry, we can’t always stop it, but we certainly can tone it down. The first and cheapest step is to get some of that soft foam self adhesive weather-stripping tape. Tape it to the exhaust hood where the flapper hits.

Hello, All of the vents in the bathrooms of the entire house make a lot of noise when its windy outside, which is supposedly very common. … Here is a video of where the noise is coming from: All I did was remove the vent fan in the bathroom to expose this: …. So remove flapper and use an inline one.

Wind gust outside meant flapper started to make noise. Quick fix for me was to get on a ladder, tape the flapper open temporarily. Then just took some silicone and made a bead around the opening. Let it dry. remove tape. Now instead of the flapper hitting metal, it closes and hits silicone.

We have moved into a house that has brand new Nutone exhaust fans in the bathrooms. This is the combo light/fan set up. What I have noticed is that if there is any wind outside, or even when the forced air heat is running, I continually hear a clicking or clacking sound at the fans.

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