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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Flexible Duct

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Flexible Duct

A discussion of bath exhaust fan duct work options and important details. Make sure your bath fan is vented

I need to duct a bathroom exhaust fan. The roof vent was installed when the house was re-shingled. The attic is right above the bathroom. The fan does not line up with the roof vent. Should I use galvanized pipe with a ‘Y’ or could I use some type of flex clothes dryer duct?

Metal bath exhaust fan duct installation in new construction (C) Daniel Friedman Bath exhaust fan in insulated ceiling after foam insulation installation (C) Daniel Friedman. Metal vent ducts: kitchen vent fans require, and good bath vent duct design also uses solid metal ducting, not flexible “dryer vent” material.

If you wish to use insulated flex duct (not recommended) you should use 6” line with an adapter); Any ventilation going through uninsulated …. Or, can i share the same ventilation duct that exists in the furnace room to get the bathroom air to the outside, or does the bathroom fan require its own hole?

am going to replace the exhaust fan in my bathroom (it is located in the side of the soffit that is above my tub, and was wondering what type of duct work is best to use to connect the fan to the opening in the wall to the outside? Right now, there is about a 3-foot piece of ridged flexible hosing

If your duct system is especially long or convoluted, or you ignore the advice in this article and install flex duct instead of smooth-wall duct, you will need to specify a more powerful fan to account for the high static pressure of your duct system. (For more information on this issue, see A Buyer’s Guide to Bath

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