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Clip Shower Soap Dish Plumbing Supplies

Clip Shower Soap Dish Plumbing Supplies

part of the shower assembly instead of something you need to order. with that said, it’s a two piece unit, one part goes around the upright pipe snuggly and clips the soap holder

Removable soap dish, which adapts to all in diameter with shower rods; A design featuring rounded edges that fits all showers; Adjustable design bringing a contemporary touch to your bathroom; The largest storage option for Xbox 360 Slim; 5-year guarantee: top-of-the-range materials

I recently had my bathroom refurbished & an expensive shower unit installed. For a long time I have been looking for a tidy/caddy to keep all my bottles & stuff from off the shower tray floor. All I could find in local stores were the “no nails/attach with suction pad” type which as a previous reviewer stated can become unstuck

Like other bathroom accessories, soap holders go a long way. Surprisingly, soap dishes and racks are available in various styles and configurations from the humble wall-mounted soap dish to the extended soap rack. Mix and match with materials like chrome, gold, brass and glass to suit your space.