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Concealed Thermostatic Shower Mixer Problems

Concealed Thermostatic Shower Mixer Problems

After installation the shower runs HOT or Hot and cold supplies are plumbed the wrong way. COLD and will not mix. round. Shower will not run hot enough when first Maximum temperature needs adjusting, see installed. ‘temperature setting’. … THERMOSTATIC CARTRIDGES. The concealed thermostatic valve should.

There is the possibility it has been fitted the wrong way round, or the thermostatic cartridge may have debris clogging it causing a problem. … Hi, definitely contact manufacturer, I know you have put a mixer shower in heading, but just in case, is it a thermostatic concealed shower or just a concealed mixer?

The problem is that when it is turned to max temp the water is still only lukewarm thought he water coming out of the taps is piping hot. I … … I also have a Bristan mixer shower that will only give me luke warm water even though the water at the inlet pipe is scalding,I have found a fix in that if I loosen the hose

The big problem is, they fit the shower and the head and the water trickles out of the head like a dripping tap. Its a heart breaking sight but you cannot get a good shower without both water pressure and water flow. To read more about both of these, and how to achieve them, see our project on power showers.

I also have a new basin, with a mixer tap, which you can use to that seems to work OK. It seems that the shower cannot take hot water in a constant flow, and mediate the temperature of the water in anway. Does amyone know why this is happening and what can be done to resolve the problem?