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Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve Fittings

Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve Fittings

Concealed Shower Valve In Bathroom With Bathroom Installation In Leeds. Introduction. As is often the case, the most minimalist installations with the least visible components often require the most work. This is because it’s often very difficult to make things look simple.

This installation guide is for the Twin & Triple Concealed Thermostatic. Shower valves (BUILDCERT Code: VQ20 & 21). It covers the installation, maintenance and operation of the Shower Valve. The Twin & Triple concealed valve is thermostatically regulated by a wax element.

Triple, concealed shower valve; Concealed look hides unsightly fittings; Square thermostatic temperature control; Anti-scald regulating feature; 2 on/off controls – manages two separate shower outlets; Outlets can be used at the same time, or individually; Finished in polished chrome

Thermostatic Shower Valve. To ensure you get the very best use from this product, please read this installation guide thoroughly. These shower valves have separate controls for temperature & water flow control, and has been designed for concealed wall installations.

keeping shower valve warm and closing windows) to prevent the shower valve from being frozen or even broken (especially when windows kept open for air ventilation while nobody resides in). 4. Do not disassemble the valve unless you are an expert.

With a wide range of quality thermostatic shower valves – we have mixer, manual, concealed and exposed options – you’ll be soaking it up in style for years to come. These modern and traditional shower valve designs also match our shower fittings, so it’s easy to create your perfect showering partnership.