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Fix Shower Door Drip Rail

Fix Shower Door Drip Rail

Replacement Drip Rail with Vinyl Sweep For Framed Shower Doors. Easily attaches to the bottom of framed shower doors, using pre-applied mounting tape. The Replacement Drip Rail and one inch Vinyl Sweep offer an excellent solution to help deflect water back into the shower enclosure

A fully functioning shower drip rail is a vital part of any bathroom. Not only does it protect your flooring from water, it protects you and your family from nasty falls caused by wet bathroom tiles

Secure the door sweep in the drip rail by crimping the ends of the drip rail with a pair of pliers. Cut off the ends of the sweep that extend past the edges of the drip rail with scissors or a utility knife.

Examine the drip rail you are replacing to establish whether it is held in place by screws, adhesive, or both. Turn the screws with a screwdriver until you can easily remove them. Scrape as much adhesive as possible off the glass with a putty knife.

Shower Door Sweep Replacement & Drip Rail. Buy Frameless Shower Door Drip Rail. You should replace your frameless shower door sweep every several years. Shower door sweeps lose their seal over time and are not as effective at keeping in water.