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Goof Proof Shower Canada

Goof Proof Shower Canada

Creates the mud bed in showers needed for tile. Can be used with all liner systems on the market today; Molded of high impact plastic with re-enforcing design which is light weight and non-rotting; Tapered float sticks create the code required slope. May be adjusted to greater pitch if desired.

Eliminates the puncturing of the liner. Can be used with or without wood; Made with 20% fiberglass filled ABS for high strength and non rotting features; Adjustable in height and length to accommodate straight or angled showers.

Premium Dealers have made the commitment to inventory and sell the full line of Mark E products. If you are unable to purchase all the MarkE products necessary to complete your Goof Proof shower project please let us know so we may be of assistance.

Mark E Industries, Inc. the inventor of the tile industry leading least expensive shower pan, tile ready shower base installation system manufactured in the introduces Goof Proof Showers. With our system one can construct any size or shape shower base and shower pan with single or multiple shower curb thresholds, left

Welcome to Mark E Industries, Inc. GOOF PROOF SHOWER installations made easy. Mark E Industries has created 8 shower installation products to simplify the art of shower and tile installation by focusing on some of the industries more difficult and time consuming tasks.