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Goof Proof Shower Kit Amazon

Goof Proof Shower Kit Amazon

Mark E Industries Quick-Pitch Kit QPK-101 “GOOF PROOF SHOWER” – Tile Floor Pitch

Standard Shower Kits permit easy construction of shower floors with the proper minimum water drainage slope of 1/4 per 12″ run. These time saving kits permits construction of standard 36″ x 60″ shower areas with a centered drain. Custom shower kits and additional components are available to accommodate areas up to

GOOF PROOF SHOWER EXTRA FLOAT STICKS Quick-Pitch Extended Float Sticks EFS-103 “Goof Proof Shower” Mark E Industries – Shower Installation Kits

Designed for any wall mounted tile installation where tiling begins above the floor, primarily for shower walls. Reusable, interlocking sections with level vials are used in a series to form a continuous angle support shelf to rest tiles. Kit includes: (4) 13-15/16″ L x 1-1/4″ W x 2″ H yellow plastic flexible sections that conform to

GOOF PROOF SHOWER QPUCR-108 Quick Pitch Universal Center Ring. +. Mark E Industries Quick-Pitch Kit QPK-101 “GOOF PROOF SHOWER”. +. GOOF PROOF SHOWER PWP-106 10″ Diameter Positive Weep Hole Protector.

Standard Shower Kit (SSK-501D ULTRA) “Goof Proof Shower” contents: 1 x Pre-Pitch Kit STD-201, 2 x Kirb-Perfect KP-543; 1 x SPL/40/6 Pan Liner (6 x 5′), 1 x Shower Drain/Square; 1 x Quick Pitch QPK-101, 1 x Installation DVD,; 1 x Positive Weep Protector (Larger Pan Liner and extensions are also available)