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Goof Proof Shower Level

Goof Proof Shower Level

Designed for any wall mounted tile installation where tiling begins above the floor, primarily for shower walls. Reusable, interlocking sections with level vials are used in a series to form a continuous angle support shelf to rest tiles. Kit includes: (4) 13-15/16″ L x 1-1/4″ W x 2″ H yellow plastic flexible sections that conform to

Stringa-Level Kit 1010 = Ten (10) ridged pieces, ten (10) flexible pieces, and one (1) case. This kit was designed with the pro in mind. Kit will accommodate most any shower or leveling project that arises. Additional leaves can be purchased to add to demand as needed.

This revolutionary new tool was designed to simultaneously attach and level a continuous stringer on which to stack heavy or large format tile vertically. No more cutting or trying to straighten warped wood in order to build the

StringA-Level flexable sections are 13 in. long. They are yellow in color and will be used for the curved or cornering areas of the walls. These sections attach to themselves and to the Ridged levels (SL-2700) to tackle any wall configuration.

The Goof Proof Shower Stringa-Level Standard Starter Kits is slotted in multiple areas for easy and quick attachment. This is supplied with a carrying case to store all levels in case for easy access. It is light weight and easy cleanup.

The 4-In-1 Goof Proof Shower Pan Kit from Mark-E Industries is the fastest way to remodel a shower. It has everything you need in a complete package!