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Goof Proof Shower Tile

Goof Proof Shower Tile

Mark E Industries Quick-Pitch Kit QPK-101 “GOOF PROOF SHOWER” – Tile Floor Pitch

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Goof Proof Shower installation is easy with Mark E. Industries 4 products that simplify installing a shower including installing a shower pan and tile.

Goof Proof Shower Seat is a heavy duty stay-in-place molded plastic form that is easily installed, and can be tiled the same day. The Shower Seat is a standard 30” wide, and has guide marks on the top surface to make it easy to trim the seat to 24” wide.

The Quick Pitch® Float Stick System permits easy construction of shower floors with the proper minimum water drainage slope of 1/4″ per 12″ run. With this time-saving system there is now no chance for an error in measurement or the need for a level to achieve a properly sloped shower floor. The Quick Pitch® Float Stick