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Han Solo Shower Curtain Amazon

Han Solo Shower Curtain Amazon

Han Solo has the fastest ship in the galaxy and is the best smuggler on this side of Tatooine. He becomes involved with the Rebels as he helps Luke Skywalker begin the battle for freedom from the Empire. At first he was only in it for the money but he soon fell in love with Princess Leia and took up the cause on his own.

Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain WS: The painful eyes. The mouth attempting to say something. The hands, possibly raising to block the face. The agony of the whole image: Han Solo, frozen in carbonite.

Now you can hang this famous frozen smuggler from the shower rod just like Jabba the Hutt did in his bathroom. … you thought officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise couldn’t go beyond SpaceBalls: The Merchandising… along comes this cool new Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Shower Curtain

Welp, depending on who’s in the shower, Han Solo might not mind that he’s now stuck in both Carbonite and a shower curtain. I mean, I’m sure he’s gotten pretty sick of looking at naked Leia over the past 30 years, but if some other nubile Alderaan pr.