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Holiday Inn Express Stay Smart Shower Head

Holiday Inn Express Stay Smart Shower Head

Check out this interactive video demo of the Kohler Stay Smart showerhead — the #1 guest-rated showerhead used at all Holiday Inn Express hotels! …See why the curved shower curtain rod & shower curtains are so cool. …Change the settings yourself and see how the water pressure changes.

When ever I would stay at the Holiday Inn Express I would love to shower there because of the shower heads they were using. After some research I found that it is this shower head that they have on their properties everywhere and the good news, I was able to experience the same shower in my home shower.

As we checked in, I couldn’t help but notice a sign on the counter showing that Holiday Inn Express was the home of the “Stay Smart” Showerhead by Kohler. The sign showed a picture of a giant showerhead that appeared to be bigger, badder, and bolder than any regular showerhead could ever hope to

We spent one night here on a road trip. It was fine for a 12-hour stay but not up to the usual Holiday Inn Express standards. Our daughter’s room had a fridge; ours did not. Our daughter’s floor was literally lumpy, with a noticeable slope. Our furniture was rickety.

The masage was adequate, but hampered by a lack of water pressure. The ball-joint for adjusting the position of the showerhead was fluid and held its position with ease. The unit itself appears to be custom-made for Holiday Inn, the words “Stay Smart” is molded into the unit.

These consumer concerns have now been solved by our participation in Holiday Inn Express brand’s upgraded shower experience. Aptly named SimplySmart, the shower initiative is centered on a proprietary multi-function Stay Smart Showerhead by Kohler- automatically adjusts to changes in water pressure. showerhead