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Lorenzetti Shower Head Installation

Lorenzetti Shower Head Installation

A look inside an electric shower head, as well as the installation and use. These kind of heated shower heads

Economy in its installation: It does not require either copper or C-PVC tubes nor duplicated piping or water mixers. Water saving: It is not necessary to wait for the water warming period since in this case the water is heated in the shower head itself. In addition, with a Lorenzetti Shower Head is possible to take an excellent

Screw the arm into the shower hole. (use plumbing tape to avoid leaks); Where the head unit screws into the arm, remove a small clear plastic valve. It has a small whole in it. (This is only used for areas that have extreme water pressure); Screw the head unit onto the arm so it is firm and tight and the shower head

Shower head with integral water heater built in. Use for space restricted and portable applications such as boats, pool, camp facilities and RV. You can have a fully functional hot water shower system at a fraction of the normal equipment cost and installation time normally required.

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