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Lorenzetti Shower Head Repair

Lorenzetti Shower Head Repair

This device is apparently quite common in countries where electrical standards are more relaxed and the climate

If your electric shower head has stopped working properly, you may be able to diagnose and fix the problem yourself. Electric shower heads provide instant, nearly unlimited hot water to your shower by heating the water as you need it, as opposed to conventional hot water tanks that work by heating up a limited hot water

Electric showers work by independently heating cold water, eliminating the need for a hot water tank or for hot water storage. Because the … Attach a non-return valve or stop tap to the pipe to isolate the shower’s water supply from the rest of the building. … Can I fit the shower head on a wall adjacent to the heating unit?

Replacing the element in your shower head. We sell replacement heating elements for this shower head. Both 120 and 240 VAC heating elements are available.. Price= 9 US Dollar per element + 5 shipping no matter how many you buy.