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Lush Twilight Shower Gel

Lush Twilight Shower Gel

Much to our showering delight, Twilight shower gel is back this holiday season! We just couldn’t get through the winter without lathering up in this fan favorite from last year. Inspired by our best-selling Twilight Bath Bomb, our iridescent purple body wash has the same comforting lavender and sweet tonka fragrance

Settle down for the night with a dusky blend of sweet tonka, heady ylang ylang and vanillary benzoin resinoid. Moreish, nostalgic fragrance lingers gorgeously on the skin as you go from bath to bed, whilst a double dose of calming lavender helps to quieten the mind. 40 winks is only a shower away.

Twilight Shower Gel. I began collecting Lush stuff a few months before the Christmas 2012 range came into the shops, and initially it was their shower gels that I was most interested in collecting. It might seem like a strange interest, given that Lush are probably best known for their bath bombs

First, the bad news: Lush has no intention (that we know of, at least) of bringing the dreamy purple bath product back for good. However, in slightly better news, the brand has confirmed that Twilight will be back on shelves in time for the holiday season.

This shower gel is amazing! It smells so delicious and relaxing. If you’ve had the privilege of enjoying Lush’s Twilight bath bombs, this is the same soothing scent, but in a shower gel. I absolutely love the smell (A mixture of lavender/ylang ylang/tonka/delicious/relaxing/mellow), the bright purple color, and the soothing effects

I’m not actually partial to the scent of lavender, so when I got this in a gift box I wasn’t in a big hurry to use it. I ended up putting putting it in a seldom-used shower where I needed a gender-neutral body wash. Then I showered with it. WOW! I was shocked! It smells gorgeous! The lavender isn’t sharp