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Mira Jump Shower Hose

Mira Jump Shower Hose

The four showering modes are tailored to suit different user requirements; quick refreshment, relaxing, therapeutic and massage. The shower handset has rub clean nozzles. It is connected to the electric shower by a twist-free and lengthy chrome shower hose.

This question is regarding Mira Jump Electric Shower Shower Spares. I am finding it difficult to get a jump shower head and hose has this been so what other head &hose can I Use.

Shower Fittings. Refresh your shower fittings with a new Mira shower fittings kit. Including a showerhead, hose and slide bar it’s the easy way to upgrade your shower.

What is the Diameter of a Mira Jump Shower Hose? I bought a new one but its too thin for the bracket thing that holds the hose with the Shower head

The appliance is fitted with a 1/2” BSP male outlet thread, to accept a Mira Jump shower hose. 16. When installed in very hard water areas (above 200ppm temporary hardness) your installer may advise the installation of a water treatment device, to reduce the effects of limescale formation.

The shower head itself has a matching white handle and head which is complimented nicely with a chrome hose and riser rail. With its stylish curved edges and tasteful design the Mira Jump unit and showerhead is appealing to the eye and compliments almost any contemporary bathroom setting.