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Mira Miniluxe Shower Hose

Mira Miniluxe Shower Hose

Enjoy a sensational showering experience with the Mira Miniluxe and Diverter ERD – the best-performing vertical valve on the market. The deluge showerhead delivers a sensational showering experience time and time again.

Suppliers of Mira spare parts for showers, baths, taps, and more! … We are able to supply shower spare parts for all Mira shower models. …. ER (1.1660.007) · Mira Bijou EV (1.1672.001) · Mira Miniluxe ERD (1.1660.015) · Mira Calibre ER Minimalist shower valve Chrome (1678.003) · Mira Miniluxe Fittings (Miniluxe)

the mira stylus and mira miniluxe are thermostatic mixers which have … For non-domestic installations, mira showers guarantee the mira ….. hose Washer deluge head rigid riser overhead Pipe. 27.turn on the hot and cold water supplies and check for leaks. 28.Before using the shower, refer to section: ‘Commissioning’.

Mira 1.25m plastic shower hose chrome 1603.137 Will fit the following.