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Mira Shower Hose Leaking

Mira Shower Hose Leaking

I have an old Mira 415 mixer shower. The connector that attaches the hose to the wall, the round dial is separate is somehow cracked so is dripping. I need to replace it and the hose, holder, shower head etc. ie everything except for the shower unit itself.

Hopefully this is an easy question with a simple answer 🙂 I replaced the shower hose on a Mira Excel shower. I’ve replaced this some time ago and… … Unfortunatly I can’t tighten it and I have a small leak, there is limited end protruding to grab, grip and turn.

My shower hose has developed a small split, which is gradually opening up with continued use, and spurts water out in a narrow jet (…yes, I know that’s exactly what you want in a shower – but it has to be in the right direction!). Waiting for my landlords to fix it will take forever.

Screwed it into the adaptor on the wall and it sprayed from there. The old one didn’t, so it’s not the adaptor itself. I tightened it enough (the pac.

Reasons for wanting to change or replace a shower hose could be various: the hose could be damaged in some way, such as internal collapse; it could be kinked, therefore restricting water flow; it could … The hose used in our recording is the Mira Response 1.25m chrome shower hose (150.58), a best-seller nationwide.