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Mira Shower Hose Washers

Mira Shower Hose Washers

Frequently bought together. Shower Hose Washers 1/2-inch (Pack of 4) (Product Code. +. Mira Logic Four Spray Showerhead – Chrome 2.1605.176. +. Mira 1.75 m Logic Metal Hose – Chrome 2.1605.139. Total price: £50.92.

Compatible with all Mira shower hoses. GenuineMira product.

Mira 1.25m shower hose – chrome slim cone end (1603.137). Mira 1.25m SLIM CONE Shower hose – chrome (1603.137). Due to its slim conical ends, it is NOT suitable for use with Mira Response or Logic clamp brackets (shower head holders). PVC coated. Includes hose washers. £18.26.

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