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Mira Universal Shower Hose

Mira Universal Shower Hose

If, after installation the hose is too loose or too tight in the clamp bracket / showerhead holder, simply disconnect and refit with the conical connections at opposite ends. Conical connections vary slightly in size from each other. Showerhead Holder. Additional. Hose Washer. Clamp Bracket. Hose Washer.

View Mira Showerheads. The perfect fit. Durable, strong and compatible. All our Mira shower hoses have universal fit, which means it is guaranteed to fit your existing shower. Plus, our high flow design means that by simply replacing your hose you’ll have a greater showering performance

A shower hose is an integral part of a shower and it is frustrating when it gets damaged through wear and tear as it can have a negative impact on the water flow delivering a poor showering experience. Simple to install, choose from our range of replacement shower hoses and select the length and colour you require.

MIRA LOGIC SHOWER HOSE CHROME 11MM X 1.25M. Product Type Logic Shower Hose. Strong, double interlocked, metal hose with a high flow design for maximum performance. Manufactured with a strong stainless steel clad sleeve, brass conical ends and an engineering grade plastic inner

Gold Effect PVC Hi-Flow Shower Hose 1.5m. The hose is classed as “high flow”, this means it has a large bore (wider diameter) hole to allow more water through the hose, this will improve the performance of low pressure water systems (a water tank in the loft).