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Nigel Splashing Shower Curtain

Nigel Splashing Shower Curtain

Liven up the bathroom decor with the smashing Nigel Thornberry shower curtain. With a little elbow grease, you’ll be able to transform any plain shower curtain with Nigel Thornberry’s red-headed mug bathing right alongside you – simply splashing!

60×72 inch / 152×180 cm shower curtains waterproof polyester easy-to-clean decoration: Shower Curtains

but it is a very low quality print. It looks like they just stretched the image further than it should go. Nigel looks fine, but the characters around him are extremely blurry. It kind of ruins the picture because the humor was in the fact that Nigel’s face was on all of the animals and you can barely tell that on the curtain.

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