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Nuheat Shower Mat Installation

Nuheat Shower Mat Installation

Nuheat Mat. Shower Installation Instructions. STEP 1. Once the mortar bed has set, dry fit the Nuheat Mat to verify its dimensions and ensure it fits the contours of the shower area. Conduct insulation & resistance tests. Record readings in Mat. Resistance Log found inside Nuheat Mat Installation instructions.

The Nuheat Shower Mat can be controlled using a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options. 32″x32″ with 5″ center drain cutout; 22′ cold leads; 120V; 25-year warranty; Suitable for mortar bed and pre-built shower bases such as Schluter, Wedi, Tile-Redi, etc.

NUHEAT CABLE shower installation guide. INSTALL CABLE. STEP 3. Install the cable according to the installation layout plan. Each run of cable must be spaced 3” apart and maintain moderate tension throughout. To continue the cable up to the shower bench, use hot glue and/or cable guides to secure the run onto.

Work on one manageable section at a time. For Nuheat. Mat installations in showers or wet locations, spread thinset onto sloped mortar bed above PVC (polyvinyl) pan liners. ¼” x ¼”. 7. Place mat onto thinset. 8. Press mat into thinset. Place Nuheat Mat onto fresh thinset. Press Nuheat Mat firmly into thinset with grout float.

Nuheat electric floor heating mats bring soothing heat to tile, stone, laminate and engineered wood floors. … The Nuheat Shower Mat is a 32” x 32” mat with a 5” center drain cutout perfect for installation on traditional mortar bed shower bases as well as pre-built shower bases manufactured by Schluter, Wedi and TileRedi.