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Octo 7 Shower System

Octo 7 Shower System

The beauty of a Rain Head combined with the convenience of a Hand Held that can be adjusted for maximum body coverage. Octo Rain Head has 6 Spray Arms and Body Spray 144 Nozzle Jets in all Made of Solid Brass Construction 6 inch Diameter Shower Head Adjustable Ball Joint Angle allows you to point the water

Octo 7 Shower Head, Luxury Collection of Rain Shower Heads-Exclusively Ours, Beautiful looking, Quality Craftmanship, Powerful Spray.

This showerhead is a great option for everyone in the family. It combines a rain showerhead with a handheld showerhead with a Solid Brass 24″ Slide bar that allows the handheld showerhead to be adjusted for maximum coverage. The Octo Rain Head has 6 Spray Arms

It almost feels a bit of a sin writing about this Octo 7 Shower System in the middle of a drought. But one can dream, no? And what a strange name, mixing Octo, as in the number 8, with the number 7. Confusing. But it makes senseā€¦ sorta. There are 6 spray arms and a center sprayer with 144 nozzle jets.

This shower head is supposed to be very great and high quality. A little pricey but completely worth it.