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Pivot Shower Door Drip Rail

Pivot Shower Door Drip Rail

Chrome Framed Shower Door Replacement Drip Rail with Vinyl Sweep – 32″ Long – Shower Door Strip – … The right way to install this is with a level as you should ensure that there is a slight downward angle toward the pivot/hinge side of the door

Angled Clear Vinyl Framed Shower Door Drip Sweep can be used on in-swing or out-swing doors or in many different applications. Width of the Top “T” is 1/4″ … 3/8″ Frameless Shower Door Sweep Bottom Seal Wipe Drip Rail

Shower Door-Framed. Calculations. Product Features. Options. Glass Size. Maximum allowable width of unit = 37 (@ 72 tall). Maximum allowable … P. 3 # 8 x 1 1/2 Flat Head Screw. R. 1 Interior Door Handle. S. 1 Exterior Door Handle. T. 2#6×11/4 RoundHeadScrews. V. 1 Drip Rail. W. 1 Tapered Drip Vinyl.

Basco Classic single panel shower enclosures use innovative engineering to create a suspended glass look to complement sophisticated bath decors. The drip rail system at the bottom of the door includes a channel that returns water back inside the shower.