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Plastic Shower Door Drip Rail

Plastic Shower Door Drip Rail

This Clear Shower Door Bottom Sweep with Drip Rail for Frameless Shower Door offers a sleek design, with a drip rail to deflect water away from the door, along with soft sweep that provide a tight seal under the shower door, for maximum leak prevention. This sweep snaps onto the bottom of the door and offers a clean

3/8″ FRAMELESS GLASS SHOWER DOOR BOTTOM SEAL, SWEEP, DRIP RAIL. Fit 3/8″-10mm frameless heavey duty shower door seal. Tub Shower Door. Shower Tub Shield. Shower Doors. One-Panel Frameless Pivot Shower Door.

Inspect the bottom of the shower door to determine the plastic seal attachment method. Seals typically slide into a channel at the bottom of the door or they are placed between the base of the door and the metal drip rail.

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Replace shower door bottom sweep with framed shower door drip rail ds203 built with thickest aluminum. … Drip rails and the replacment seals are the only two items that prevent a shower door from leaking. Framed enclosure … The thick 7m plastic sleeve prevents scratching and protects the lush finish. of the drip rails.