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Redi Tile Shower Pan Problems

Redi Tile Shower Pan Problems

The Tile Redi shower pan and associated products received, at a cost of $726.10 (Invoice **), were neither as advertised or described. Their return … Having learned our lesson, we tested the third one for draining and wouldn’t you know that it also had a problem with water not draining (before we tiled). Everything was level

We just installed a Shower Redi Pan and had the same flexing problem near the drain. Our contractor simply took it up and applied more mortar. Afterwards, we all took turns standing on it and it did.

I was solicited to promote a brand of tile ready pans (not Schluter) that you use the Mapegum waterproofing product. It looked all fine and dandy but couldn’t find any Spec’s or testing results and later found out that the pitch is 1/8″ per foot. I would rather stick with Kerdi kits for a preformed set up or just have

The tile shower pan is the most essential component of your DIY tile shower project to get correct. A leaky shower pan will lead to many problems involving mold and/or rot, and is a nightmare to correct (usually needing to gut the shower and start over to get it right).

Tile Ready brand products by Tile Redi: shower pans and shower bases, recessed niches, shower benches, shaving ledges, and decorative shelf kits.