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Shower Curtain 200cm Drop

Shower Curtain 200cm Drop

Add a dash of personality to your bathroom with a stylish shower curtain. Shower curtains are hung above the bath on a railing or curtain rod; they only providing privacy but also prevent water from spraying or leaking outside the shower area.

Beautiful extra long shower curtain Rain Drop 100% polyester Waterproof hooks included-2m (180cm x 200cm). by Tropik … White Fabric Shower Curtain With Rings 180 x 200 cm Extra Long Shower Curtain 200cm shower curtain long drop shower curtains bathroom Polyester Shower Curtain

Check out our wide range of durable and water resistant shower curtains at great prices. We have lots of designs, patterns and colours to choose from.

Textile shower curtain with antibacterial and antimicrobial coating which prevents the formation of mould and black mould stains. This shower curtain is washable at 30°. The anti-mould coating will still be effective after several washings.

New Modern Bathroom Shower Curtain Extra Long With Rings 180 X 200 cm (71″X78″). £7.70 … Extra Long Extra Wide Long Drop Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain With 12 Hooks.

Take a look at your current shower curtain, is it mildewed, torn or stained? It may be time for a new shower curtain. As we all know shower curtains protect your bathroom from water splashing out of the tub during a shower. However, a curtain is one of those things that can be decorative as well as functional.