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Shower Door Drip Rail Plug

Shower Door Drip Rail Plug

Replacement Drip Rail with Vinyl Sweep For Framed Shower Doors. Easily attaches to the bottom of framed shower doors, using pre-applied mounting tape. The Replacement Drip Rail and one inch Vinyl Sweep offer an excellent solution to help deflect water back into the shower enclosure

They are designed so that the water will run towards the hinge side of the door so that when it drips it drips back into the shower. …. type of adhesive on a new drip rail

We are renovating a shower and would appreciate your help in identifying (and replacing) the sweep (19-3/8″), drip rail (21-3/8″), and cap rail (20″) pictured on the attachment. The shower door is probably over 20 years old.

Funny, never seen a swing out door without a drip rail to keep water in the shower. … Anyways, taking another look at my rig, the towel bar is actually attached through the glass door, so unless they’ve got more than one style of shower door, Bill either has some plugs in his glass door, or is giving a peep

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