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Shower Door Metal Drip Rail

Shower Door Metal Drip Rail

Replacement Drip Rail with Vinyl Sweep For Framed Shower Doors. Easily attaches to the bottom of framed shower doors, using pre-applied mounting tape. The Replacement Drip Rail and one inch Vinyl Sweep offer an excellent solution to help deflect water back into the shower enclosure

36″ Brush Nickel Framed Glass Shower Door Drip Rail Kit- Comes Pre-taped and with the seal already installed. Metal replacement piece on the bottom of a framed shower door.

This Clear Shower Door Bottom Sweep with Drip Rail for Frameless Shower Door offers a sleek design, with a drip rail to deflect water away from the door, along with soft sweep that provide a tight seal under the shower door, for maximum leak prevention.

Drip rails and the replacment seals are the only two items that prevent a shower door from leaking. Framed enclosure have metal rails holding the glass together unlike frameless glass enclosures which are all glass with no metal.

Clear polycarbonate and translucent vinyl seals designed to help minimize leakage without detracting from the “All-Glass” frameless look. Snap this drip rail with dual wipe

A fully functioning shower drip rail is a vital part of any bathroom. Not only does it protect your flooring from water, it protects you and your family from nasty falls caused by wet bathroom tiles.