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Shower Filters On Amazon

Shower Filters On Amazon

Water Softener Shower Filter – for Shower Head | Handheld | Combo Showers includes the Water Test Kit to test the filtered water

Showerhead Filters. Welcome to the Showerhead Filters Store, where you’ll find great prices on a wide range of different showerhead filters for DIY and professional use.

OUR HARD WATER FILTER REMOVES UNWATED IMPURITIES – Looking for an efficient, cost-effective shower water filter to remove chlorine, fluoride, minerals and other impurities from your family’s shower water? Our hard water softening shower filters are here to make your water and life smoother!

A universal shower filter containing CERAMET a unique granular ceramic mixture that removes 99% of chlorine and other impurities in both hot and cold water. Provides chlorine free non-scaling water which is kinder to the skin and hair. Ultra slim, fits on all showers. Kills bacteria (including staphylococcus aureus).

Clear tinted dechlorinating shower filter removes 99.9% chlorine and softens your shower water. Perfect for a dry, sensitised skin, or skin prone to eczema. Feels like bathing in pure soft rainwater, choose to attach either at the top (shower head) or bottom (from the wall) of your shower hose from Sensitive Skincare Co