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Shower Head At Holiday Inn Express

Shower Head At Holiday Inn Express

Some general updates to begin with: This is the first time I’m stayed at this hotel. The hotel staff was very nice, specifically Karen! I booked my hotel stay through Per that booking, I was going to have a kingsize bed (I’m really tall and that’s important to me).

So we didn’t camp (as planned). We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express instead. What’s So Great About Holiday Inn Express? Kohler showerhead at the Holiday Inn Express that’s so highly rated. One of the first things we noticed was the very modern bathroom & shower! No joke.

The leading hotel brand is enhancing its guest bath experience with the addition of a proprietary showerhead, curved shower rods, upgraded towels and a new line of proprietary bath amenities. Holiday Inn Express will roll out approximately 120,000 new showerheads and replace more than one million towels across its

I ordered this showerhead based upon my experience at Holiday Inn Express, but I have mixed feelings about it. First off, it is very similar to, but NOT the exact showerhead featured in Holiday Inn Express hotels. I actually took this showerhead with me on a business trip so I could visually compare it to the one in the hotel

When ever I would stay at the Holiday Inn Express I would love to shower there because of the shower heads they were using. After some research I found that it is this shower head that they have on their properties everywhere and the good news, I was able to experience the same shower in my home shower.

Each morning, on my way to work, I pass a billboard for Holiday Inn Express, bragging about… their showerhead. The statement … Imagine my surprise when I arrived at our hotel in Flagstaff, I looked in the bathroom and there was the showerhead I see each morning on the billboard staring back at me!