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Shower Head In Holiday Inn Express

Shower Head In Holiday Inn Express

As we checked in, I couldn’t help but notice a sign on the counter showing that Holiday Inn Express was the home of the “Stay Smart” Showerhead by Kohler. The sign showed a picture of a giant showerhead that appeared to be bigger, badder, and bolder than any regular showerhead could ever hope to

So we didn’t camp (as planned). We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express instead. What’s So Great About Holiday Inn Express? Kohler showerhead at the Holiday Inn Express that’s so highly rated. One of the first things we noticed was the very modern bathroom & shower! No joke.

I ordered this showerhead based upon my experience at Holiday Inn Express, but I have mixed feelings about it. First off, it is very similar to, but NOT the exact showerhead featured in Holiday Inn Express hotels. I actually took this showerhead with me on a business trip so I could visually compare it to the one in the hotel

“We understand the value of a great, energizing shower for our guests, and that’s why we offer a multifunction shower head and plenty of water pressure in all our rooms,” Gribble said. Last year, Holiday Inn Express did something similar when it created a Pancake Selfie Express, taking the brand’s

Preface Each morning, on my way to work, I pass a billboard for Holiday Inn Express, bragging about… their showerhead. The statement being something to the effect of, “#1 guest rated showerhead.” Each morning, I think two things: Is their showerhead really the best thing they have to offer?