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Shower Rug Turns Red When Wet Uk

Shower Rug Turns Red When Wet Uk

The one and only blood bath mat that turns red when wet. World’s most awesome gift for horror people.

Gruesome, bloody, and absolutely offensive, the shower rug that turns red when wet (it doesn’t turns red , it has permanent realistic blood stains) is the perfect companion for the famous Blood Bath Shower Curtain. We here at rotating Hat don’t think that you can actually have enough gore and blood

A bloody shower mat turns red when wet? A photo with a caption that says, “Shower rug turns red when wet! Scare the hell out of some visitors!”

It doesn’t turn red when wet, it’s always red and comes with a bloody shower curtain. … sounds like you’re british and just really upset that nobody knows it comes with a shower curtain ….. ”A picture of a bloody bath mat, with the caption, “bath mat that turns red when wet”

this is a bath mat and shower curtain that turns red when it gets wet.

Upon entering the bathroom, give your guests the shock of their lives with our Blood Bath Mat – the ultra realistic horror movie shower scene. The blood bath Shower Curtain is a truly terrifying accessory for your bathroom – when the shower curtain is scrunched closed, it looks like a pleasant, safe and normal shower curtain.