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Shower Tray Waste Hair Trap

Shower Tray Waste Hair Trap

Plastic Hair Trap; Catches Hair and is easily Removed for cleaning; 4 ‘legs’ hold it in place; White in colour. Frequently bought together. White Plastic Shower Hair Trap. +. 1 X Sink Strainer Hair Trap Catch Catcher Plug Hole Bath Drain Filter Fast Post. +. Sink Strainer for Shower, Bath or Kitchen Sinks Stainless Steel Sink

Silicone Waste Drain Hair Catcher Filter Stopper Trapper Plug for Bath Shower Basin Kitchen Sink Utility Garage Outside Drain – White: Kitchen … It sticks well to the shower tray, looks cute like a blue starfish and stops my long hair from going down the plug hole so its a winner for me, what else is there to say

Silver Plastic Shower Hair Trap: Kitchen & Home. … perfect hair trap for shower tray.a little fragile so be careful not too stand on it.But so reasonably priced . … Could have bought these for a fraction of the price in hardware shop and it does not quite fit the shower waste, so I have had to use upside down.

I don’t usually review products I purchase on Amazon but this was such a complete waste of money, I felt I had to. ‘Hair Trap’ is a misnomer given that this pointless piece of plastic lets most hair down the plughole (the mesh isn’t fine enough) and what’s more its suckers don’t remotely stick to the bath so it barely ever covers

It features an easy to clean debris catcher and trap, is supplied with a stylish chrome cover and perfectly matched to shower trays with a 90mm waste hole. … 90mm diameter; Drains upto 50% more water over conventional wastes; Chrome cover; Includes hair trap; Easy cleaning and maintenance; Supplied with an easy fix

We have a very slow waste pipe out of our shower and get this all the time. I find that flushing it though with water and caustic soda is by far the most effective solution. You have to be very careful with it though as its really nasty stuff. Get any in your eye and your going to lose your sight so be very careful