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Singing In The Rain Shower Curtain

Singing In The Rain Shower Curtain

Fond of singing in the shower? We are too. Designed by Jan Habraken this screen-printed on frosted EVA plastic shower curtain is one of many we carry that pay a.

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Choose your favorite singing in the rain shower curtains from thousands of available designs.

Spruce up your bathroom with the Singing In The Rain Shower Curtain from the NeatoShop! Let’s face it, after all that spring cleaning you are going to need a good hot shower! Go ahead and sing about those aching and sore muscles.

These bright shower curtains depict scenes from famous movies like.

Because, come on, you know you sing in the shower. And for some reason your voice is so much better in the shower. Perhaps it’s the acoustics, or the fact that no one else is listening. We don’t know why, but it’s a fact that is proven by science. Or something. Maybe. It’s just like singing in the car.