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Single Tap Shower Attachment Argos

Single Tap Shower Attachment Argos

We have a shower head and hose to fit and function perfectly in your bathroom. Whilst you are improving your bathroom you can also look at other finishing touches that give your bathroom suites that great finish. If your taps have seen better days you can replace them with some brand new sparkly taps.

we have a fantastic range of showers and shower based products from fully framed protective screens, to a shiny new head to replace your old one that will keep your experience fresh. If it’s a standalone shower unit or a nifty power shower, designed to fit above your bathtub, then we have what you need.

I recently moved into a house without a shower and needed an attachment to make washing my hair easier. I found my bath mixer tap to be too large, and this did not fit – not even close. However, I attach this to a single tap on my bathroom sink (and turn the water temp down on the boiler) and it works perfectly.

Directly make the product connect to the tap, and then turn on the tap, then you can take a shower for your pet or yourself. It can be directly connected to the tap, convenient and flexible

We just went to B&Q and picked the CHEAPEST tap with shower attachment, fitted in existing holes, hubby changed it, no problems -I use it all the time for … I bought the Argos attachment (which read in the catalogue that you could use it for a single tap), but this still turned out to have two attachments