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Single Tap Shower Attachment For Bath

Single Tap Shower Attachment For Bath

If your tap is a lot less in size than 4cm, then it will fall off, spray back or leak water. The bath fitting hose has a connector that will fit a tap mixer up to 4cm in width. If the tap spout doesn’… NEW LARGE FITTING SINGLE DOUBLE BATH TAP SHOWER SHAMPOO SPRAY HEAD & HOSE.

Single or Double Tap Bath Shower Spray Hose Connector Attachment (Solitaire Single Tap Connector)

Offered here for sale is a selection of shower head and hoses to fit a sink or bath tap with single or double attachments. Please use the click box menu to select the hose that best suits your needs. The single tap fitting shower head has a large spray with a head measuring approx 6cm, this head is connected to the pipe

I recently moved into a house without a shower and needed an attachment to make washing my hair easier. I found my bath mixer tap to be too large, and this did not fit – not even close. However, I attach this to a single tap on my bathroom sink (and turn the water temp down on the boiler) and it works perfectly.

For a simple, no-nonsense, single-setting, hand showerhead for use in the bath, look no further than this exceptionally good value white set from our Everyday Value range of products. Designed to fit on to two taps via its quality PVC connectors,