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Stick On Shower Door Drip Rail

Stick On Shower Door Drip Rail

Transparent Adhesive Tape, sticks only to clean non-treated glass. Cures the swing shower door/screen problem, mopping-up water that drips on the floor, whenever the wet door opens. It channels water back into tub/pan, almost invisibly.

Chrome Framed Shower Door Replacement Drip Rail with Vinyl Sweep – 32″ Long – Shower Door Strip – … It would be best to stick the rail to the door while the door is completely closed so clearance to open and close is maintained. The vinyl sweep is hard to pull in to the groove.

This Clear Shower Door Bottom Sweep with Drip Rail for Frameless Shower Door offers a sleek design, with a drip rail to deflect water away from the door, along with soft sweep that provide a tight seal under the shower door, for maximum leak prevention.

Universally Adjustable Drip Rail Fits both Frameless & Framed Shower Doors.

A leaky shower door is typically caused by a bad door seal. … Inspect the bottom of the shower door to determine the plastic seal attachment method. … For those placed behind the drip rail, stick the adhesive portion of the strip to the bottom edge of the door with the plastic seal portion hanging beneath the door frame.