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Thermostatic Shower Valve Adjustment

Thermostatic Shower Valve Adjustment

Because the water heater, sink, shower and bathtub faucets in my home do not have anti-scald valves I set my water heater thermostat to about 110 °F (or 43 °C) that can be tolerated for a several minutes without injury.

The Shower Valve temperature is pre-set to 42°C, but on certain installations the temperature may need to be adjusted. …. This precision made thermostatic shower valve will continue to give years of use provided it has been installed & operated in accordance with these fitting instructions.

Temperature Adjustment (Bar Shower Valve). This cartridge is factory set at 38°C. This can however be adjusted for personal preference. To do this follow the steps below. 1. Remove the end cap from the temperature handle and the screw. 2. Pull the temperature handle off from the spline of the thermostatic cartridge.

Installation & Operating Guide. Please leave this installation & user guide with the end user. INS009 R … Temperature Adjustment. 9-10. 8. Aftercare. 11. 9. …. Remove the chrome sleeves from the shower valve body, and leave to one side in a safe place.

Apply a small bead of silicone behind the front cover plate and fit over the sleeves into position. Smooth off against the wall finish. 13.Fit the handles and secure.