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Thermostatic Shower Valve Bathstore

Thermostatic Shower Valve Bathstore

Concealed in your wall-space, the Metro thermostatic shower valve needs only 75mm cavity, allowing it to be installed in thinner walls. Using a thermostatic cartridge to regulate the temperature and a ceramic cartridge to regulate flow, ease of use and smooth operation are abound.

Showers are designed to make a statement, and shower valves are key to the look. With a wide range of quality thermostatic shower valves – we have mixer, manual, concealed and exposed options – you’ll be soaking it up in style for years to come.

With a great design and modern styling, the Track thermostatic shower valve incorporates our ABS cartridge to prevent scalding and help regulate the temperature whilst you shower. Used as a concealed valve (cavity of at least 75mm required), the shower valve works great on low pressure, but for that extra factor

With the added inclusion of a ceramic control valve and a new, ABS thermostatic cartridge, scalding is easily avoided by regulating the temperature at your discretion. Looks great in any modern bathroom, this shower valve can also be used to control an overflow filler instead, if you want a temperature-controlled bath filler.

I’ve got to fit one of these soon, but haven’t seen it and can’t find any technical drawings. If anyone has fitted one before can you remember what provision there is for the inlet/outlet pipework? I’m expecting to find 3/4″ tappings for some MI adapters, but am not sure