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Thermostatic Shower Valve Connections

Thermostatic Shower Valve Connections

2 – Before dismantling your old unit, make sure the hot water feed is on the left, and that the cold water feed is on the right. Call a professional if that is not the case. 3 – Prepare parts and tools with close access to the connections. Preparation. 1 – Screw the s union connectors in to your fittings in the wall so that they extend by …

A thermostatic shower can do several things a regular shower can’t. It adjusts the flow of both hot and … Turn off the water stop flow valves that feed the bathtub or shower. If there are no separate controls, … Now, you’ll need to install the copper piping to feed the thermostatic shower unit.

This installation guide is for the Twin & Triple Concealed Thermostatic. Shower valves (BUILDCERT Code: VQ20 & 21). It covers the installation, maintenance and operation of the Shower Valve. The Twin & Triple concealed valve is thermostatically regulated by a wax element.

Types of thermostatic mixer showers. Thermostatic mixer shower valves are available in two styles – exposed or concealed. Concealed shower valves just have the controls on show with the valve and water connections hidden behind a plate. This guide explains how to fit an exposed shower, but the principle is the same …

Thermostatic Shower Valve. To ensure you get the very best use from this product, please read this installation guide thoroughly. These shower valves have separate controls for temperature & water flow control, and has been designed for concealed wall installations.