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Thermostatic Shower Valve Explained

Thermostatic Shower Valve Explained

Want to know how a thermostatic shower valve keeps a constant temperature as you shower? We explain how a thermostatic shower valve works.

A traditional style twin thermostatic shower valve. Triple thermostatic shower valve. Supplies 2 shower functions/outlets and both shower functions can be on at the same time. 1 handle controls the temperature; The other 2 handles are both flow controls for each function/outlet. Twin thermostatic shower valve and diverter.

A shower valve performs two basic functions, it controls the temperature and the flow o. … A thermostatic shower valve is one that incorporates an anti-scalding feature which shuts off the supply of water if its temperature exceeds a factory pre-set value.

Usually, a thermostatic shower valve has 2 or 3 handles depending on how many outlets you want to control. One of the handles will be the independent temperature control. Once you’ve found the perfect temperature position, this can then be left

Learn the differences between pressure balance and thermostatic shower valves and how to choose the right one for your home.

Most people are familiar with pressure valves and how they work. Probably because almost everyone has been in a shower when someone else in the house has flushed a toilet. You know the drill.