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Thermostatic Shower Valve Exposed Pipes

Thermostatic Shower Valve Exposed Pipes

Standard 3/4″ BSP thread connections to connect to bar type shower valves. External Wall Mount Fixings For Bar Valves. these adapters are an ideal solution when the shower valve requires supporting for external pipe work.

An exposed shower valve creates a bold statement. Shop a wide variety of exposed thermostatic shower valves in a range of traditional & modern styles.

This Exposed Pipework Fittings kit from Triton is designed to ensure that your shower plumbing doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Unlike similar products on the market, this kit ensures no exposed screws are left behind; and only one hole needs to be drilled through the tiling of each bracket.

As the name suggests, exposed shower valves reveal not only the valves but also the pipe work is visible within the enclosure. While the look isn’t … Here at Bella Bathrooms we stock a generous range of thermostatic shower valves which will finish your shower off perfectly regardless of the type or style of valve you choose.

An exposed valve will have all its working parts on the outside of the wall with two exposed pipes that will connect to your pipework behind the wall. Exposed shower valves will either be manual or thermostatic, and come in a traditional exposed valve design or modern exposed valve design.

The perfect solution for installing any bar valve with exposed pipework.