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Thermostatic Shower Valve Exposed

Thermostatic Shower Valve Exposed

An exposed shower valve creates a bold statement. Shop a wide variety of exposed thermostatic shower valves in a range of traditional & modern styles.

Exposed shower valves are the simplest type of valve to buy and install as there is no need to recess the shower working parts inside your wall. Instead, an exposed shower valve has all the working parts inside the body of the valve and is installed to the exterior of the wall inside your shower cubicle

Part of our best selling Metro bathroom tap and shower valve range, this Metro exposed thermostatic shower valve allows you to halt or control the flow of your shower, while the thermostatic controls allow for ultimate temperature performance.

We will try our best to resolve your problem and make you satisfied. Home & Office > Bathroom. The shower heads in these sets are fixed with a swivel joint, so can be tilted to adjust the spray